Do you feel that your educational or professional aspirations are being limited owing to your lack of fluency in English? Would you like to speak immaculate English, and create more opportunities for yourself in the professional and social sphere? If your answers to both these questions is an emphatic ‘yes’, you have come to the right place.

Having taught English since 1962, we have the distinction of being Singapore’s premier educators with a large student base encompassing countries across the world. We donned the role of educators to make the learning of English accessible and affordable. And we continue to march on, teaching the language to eager students and inspiring many more to learn it.

Our school is dedicated to teaching English to all students, irrespective of age, class or boundaries. We prefer to let our courses do the talking – here’s what you get when you learn English with us:

  • Tailored courses targeting learners at the basic, intermediate and business English levels.
  • Courses designed by highly experienced English language experts.
  • Comprehensive and engaging course content that makes learning fun.

Speak English with confidence, and give your professional as well as social life a big boost. Enroll with us and master the English language in no time.